an innovative combination of design and functionality

chameleon vents are custom designed to integrate hard-surface flooring material with a metal register frame.

the uniqueness of the frame paired with your flooring material, result in the perfect
synthesis of function and style. 



the revolutionary design of the chameleon vent is the solution to an often overlooked, décor dilemma. designers and design savvy consumers agree, chameleon vents are a visible sign of good taste.

chameleon register flush mount register tile register

no residential design or renovation project incorporating ceramic tile or stone flooring should be complete without a chameleon vent.  chameleon vents for the complete floor – chameleon vents for the sophisticated floor. 

chameleon floor register flush mount tile register

chameleon vents blend in, yet stand out as a true hand-crafted design. chameleon vents are the perfect finishing touch for your floor.


chameleon vents are  customizable floor registers that will greatly enhance the appearance of your ceramic tile, slate, marble or granite floor.

designed specifically for use with hard-surface materials, the frame and cradle of the chameleon vent are engineering-
strength, aircraft grade aluminum. 

the superior design, customized aluminum and quality workmanship result in an exceptionally durable alternative
to standard metal floor vents.



half and half.jpg

it's no longer necessary to sacrifice style for function


just insert installer cut pieces of the surrounding floor material into the channels of the chameleon vent.

the result is a custom installation that offers a flush mount,
high-strength and versatile finish to your new floor.

finally, with chameleon vents, you can create matching registers for ceramic tile and stone floors. 







Madeleine Adams, Principal, Millington Adams Interiors

chameleon vents not only  unified the floor, but elevated the  area into a showpiece.


John Fehr, Calgary

We started offering  chameleon vents  after we saw  one  quite by accident and  thought they were the most suitable solution for any tile  and hardwood floor  vent application. Our customers appreciate the fact we take the time to provide them with a superior alternative giving them decades  of elegant and lasting service from chameleon vents. A quality floor demands a chameleon.


David Shaw, Renovation Force Inc

I am very impressed with this product and can not wait to add it to our high end cutting edge renovations


Carole Riendeau, Propriétaire, Carole Riendeau Design Inc.

We are very pleased with this product! Although…they are more  complex to install, the results are by far superior in terms of style  and sophistication. 

Jason Murphy, Winnipeg

Just wanted to fire you an email saying that the vents look fantastic. Great product.



Just thought I'd let you know that the  vents have  been installed in my house and they're a huge "wow" factor. Everyone who sees  them is  impressed.  I've passed on your brochures  to the  contractor.  

Winnipeg Private  Residence April 2006.jpg
downstairs bath.jpg
chameleon vent close up.jpg



use a chameleon vent as an alternative to standard décor grates, heat registers, heat vents, metal floor vents, floor registers, floor grates, floor grilles, air vents or wood registers. 

for a flush mount vent you can use ceramic tile, slate tile, marble tile, stone tile, porcelain tile, vinyl tile. they can also be used for exotic wood species and concrete floors. 



exceptional strength
aircraft grade aluminum
hand-made quality craftsmanship
defects–free warranty



2¼" x 10"   2¼" x 12"   2¼" x 14"

3" x 10"   4" x 10"   4" x 12"   4" x 14"

6" x 10"   6" x 12"   6" x 14"

custom sizes

Cross-section of cradle.jpg


shallow 1/4"


deep 1/2"

eating area.jpg
kitchen vent.jpg
family night.jpg
wood vent.jpg

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